TRAP results will positively affect and contribute to the programmes result indicator for ecosystems with improved protection status for the eligible areas of Florina, Axlada, Bitola and Gevgelija where the monitoring stations will be placed.

The innovative character of TRAP is served by its approach that favours:

  • the interaction and exchange of ideas
  • the knowledge diffusion
  • integration among the targeted stakeholders.

The expected results are focused on the development of an ICT tool for better air quality monitoring in CB area integrated with Air Pollution Health Indicator.

More specifically TRAP direct and immediate results include:

• Permanent transnational network established among partners (Region of Western Macedonia – KEPE and MoEPP)

• Target groups reached through communication means within project areas 

• Improved air quality monitoring mechanisms to CB area (Air pollution episodes and Directive 50/2008 EU)

• Demonstration of integrated ICT tool for air quality and health indicator

• Skilled personnel of monitoring authorities (5 Workshops)

• Promotion and dissemination of air quality and health models

• Raise awareness on the relation of air quality and public health 

• Gathered data on air quality and public health

• Contribution to the harmonization with EU directives regarding ambient air quality

• Accelerate IPA accession (MoEPP and Directive 50/2008 EU).