Through TRAP project partners will improve management and protection of areas at both countries by establishing air quality monitoring networks. The measurements of all stations in areas involved in this project will create a system that will display real-time measurements through the internet. Moreover, epidemiological indicators and indicators of air quality, based on the effects of air pollution on human health, will be calculated and displayed on the web. The best way for someone to use an Air Pollution Health Indicator (APHI) is to regularly check the current index value, to pay attention to personal symptoms and self-calibrate to the reported current APHI value.
Strategic objective of TRAP project is the creation of an ICT application integrating Air Quality Monitoring with Air Pollution Health Indicator (APHI) in CB area.

The specific sub-objectives of the project are to:
• Develop and evaluate emission inventories at partners areas
• Assess the health risk related to air quality measurements
• Create integrated ICT tool including air quality information correlated to possible health impacts and providing emergency mechanism to policy makers and volnurable groups.
• Evaluate the CB conditions regarding air quality and transported pollution in CB area
• Engage relevant stakeholders in order to inform them on the created tool operation and indexes
• Disseminate and communicate the project results to key stakeholders as well as to the general public and vulnerable groups.